I found Nicki at a crucial time, just as I was stepping into a new leadership role at work. It was a challenging transition, not just because of the new responsibilities but also due to my unease with being the focal point in groups.

In our six sessions, Nicki introduced practical strategies that were directly applicable to my work situations. These strategies were instrumental in helping me gradually adapt to my new role.

What made a significant difference, though, was the manner in which Nicki conducted these sessions. His positive and sincere presence created an environment of trust. Rather than simply offering solutions, Nicki guided me to unearth my own. Witnessing his leadership style, where having all the answers wasn’t always necessary, was a revelation. His trust in me set a foundation for me to start trusting myself, which was both empowering and transformative.

This journey with Nicki has led me to reevaluate and challenge my beliefs about being at the forefront of a team, turning it into a beautifully personal experience.

I am deeply grateful for the chance to work with Nicki and wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach for anyone seeking to grow personally and professionally.

Florencia Noriega

The coaching session with Nicolas is for me like a deep breath, bringing calm and valuable insights for my moment in life. Nicolas is a sensible person who treats the entire coaching process with a lot of respect. I perceive that he has broad knowledge by the way he guides me through the session, which is also based on the work he does on himself. I feel that he is a very capable coach and also a special human being. Talking to him is feeling secure. Communication becomes easily fluid, and his guidance and technical observation are accurate. I am grateful for his service that helped me go further.

Diana Moura

Nicki accompanied me for 10 weeks while I worked on my personal website. Putting out my personal website was a major undertaking for me, because it represented an identity change I was very afraid of. I had previously attempted this on my own and never got far.

Nicki offered me a very attentive work environment, in which he encouraged me to accept my fears and tensions, and talked through them with me. In doing so, he switched effortlessly between listening and speaking, matching my communicative needs very well. Nicki’s coaching style is very practical and action oriented, but also very understanding and relating, which made it easy for me to allow him into my problems, because I was always sure he would understand me correctly. His action oriented approach meant that I would always left our sessions with a to do list full of key tasks that he helped me set.

These tasks were essential to my progress, but at the same time they were gentle and doable, and not overwhelming. I distinctly remember multiple times, when I felt that I had just completed a task that would have stopped me in my tracks previously and maybe would have caused me to abort the project. But with Nicki by my side I managed to gently and satisfyingly complete my website project, without any self-coercion and with my complicated feelings in plain sight, which makes the final result much more meaningful and rich.

Simon Ohler

Learning journeys and courses

“It was a wonderful experience to participate in Nicki’s course. Nicki is a warm, attentive and inspiring host who created a space with humour and ease where I felt safe and comfortable. I received a broad overview of various meditation techniques, traditional as well as modern scientific backgrounds and was able to learn a lot for myself. The weekly gathering in a fixed group has helped me to establish my own routine in my meditation practice. I was looking forward to the interaction with each other every week and benefited from the group exchange. I can warmly recommend anyone who wants to deal with themselves and meditation to participate in this course!”

Alena Kanitz

“The Inner (R)evolution course helped me to establish a sustainable meditation practice for the first time, and beyond that, it really changed something inside me that I find hard to put in words. I liked that the theoretical input was broad and varied, while the practices stayed simple and consistent. Probably my favourite part was the feeling of community with the others in the group, I felt connected quickly and deeply through the commitment to showing up and being vulnerable in front of each other. I am left inspired, curious to learn a lot more about ancient traditions, and deeply grateful.”

Julia Huntenburg

“I had been practising on my own for some time before the Inner (R)Evolution course, but was not able to build up a regular practice. Right at the beginning it was much easier for me, because Nicki gave me great input about the benefits and also obstacles of a regular practice – I now practice (almost) daily and take a lot of it into my everyday life, which makes me more present and happier. The topics of each session are very well chosen and presented by Nicki. It was great that we were able to shape the course according to our needs and desires. Nicki creates a great atmosphere where you feel comfortable and there is a lot of space for sharing personal experiences. I was surprised how connected we felt – even though it was a digital format and I didn’t know anyone before. I learned a lot about myself as there were nice assignments to do at home, and I learned new ways of communicating with others that I use in my social circle as well. This has already changed my relationships in a deeper and more connected way. When I decided to take the course, I didn’t expect it to change my feelings, thinking, and behavior so much. It has also given me different and new approaches to the problems of society, which I think about a lot. I am very grateful to have had the Inner (R)Evolution experience, so that now I can live with less stress and be more aware of my life, which is very good for me in the upcoming decisions to make.”

Finn Derben